Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Eddie Raskel is rocking the Decks this weekend at the Battle of the Bay Event that Huf and Red Clay are throwing. Check him out as he laces you with some crazy tracks!

On to other business, Ri$KY biz that is, is gonna be all together this Friday Night @ Huf for the HAYES STREET festival. Get drunk, crunked, twisted, swirved or whatever you want to call it on the street! How fun!

With all the hoopla happening around me these days, I haven't really got to post too much new stuff. Here's what happened last week!

This night was pretty crazy, seeing old friends and making new ones while playing tracks and getting really smashed later.

and as usual, every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays @ 222 Club on Turk and Eddy, The Crew plays for you all your premium kuts!

and lastly, for your entertainment, here's a picture of me and my folks being fucking idiots thinking we could snowboard last weekend. That's that, peace out
(soundtrack: "Age of the Showdown" by LTD)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Last week for me was a real F'n nonstop for me, doing my daily thing and getting ready for Ringside, this thursday, got to be real time consuming work. But thats the good thing people, I want to tell you that there is mad hard work putting this night together and making sure it will be dope and memorable. So thanks for all my hardworkers out there. And to my people comming this thursday, you will be treated out most definitely visually with some classic boxing action and musically with very talented DJs.

The Highlights last week was real dope though. Homebase @222 Club last Monday was crackin and I hope yall can come back again on the 22nd for another dose of Monday madness. THAT IS MONDAY NOVEMBER 22ND @ THE 222 CLUB ON 222 HYDE STREET BTW EDDY& TURK, god damn thats alot of twos. Happy Birthday to Crykit last monday by the way! PAC's Cultural Expoure last Friday was real crazy as well where There was Mad Crazy artists bustin up their spots @ the San Jose Musuem of Art. TiPP and I were lacing the decks with a crazy set that was pretty off the wall. I Also checked out you Riot folks at Bill Grahmn, didn't go in but from the outside it looked crackin. My Wallet wasn't so happy though cause I had to break bread on sunday and copped a new board for the mountain this season, can't F'n wait to go up this year. Also the Niners won so that puts a nice taste in ending the week.

Shit, you guys probably think that this was a waste of your time to read about my chummy week. Man, Fine! I'll start posting pictures then from now on or something. Get you people entertained some way. Geez! But back to business, I'll just tell you guys plain and simple: THURSDAY NOVEMBER 16TH, RINGSIDE @ SUGAR LOUNGE BTW GOUGH AND FRANKLIN ON HAYES IN THE SFC. Come on... pass by, have a drink, meet a friend, fall in love all over again with going out on a Thursday night. I'll tell you that it will definitely be a good time out. Plus if u read this far you'll know its FREE email my ass right here where it has that envelope looking thing. Peace

(tonight's soundtrack is: "I Got Cha" by Lupe)