Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mz. Fran is in the "From SF Streets "everything has started from skateboarding"" video

Also in the video are the homies GRAHAM JAMES, SAKE, MR.E, B FOX, KENT, and more!

click HERE to see the vid.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Haven't blogged some real shit in a while...

I just been busy busy busy lately and just been posting up fliers fliers fliers. Not saying that's a bad thing tho. But let's start telling all of you in picture form, what has been going down. Let's start from this past September.

Did a gig in San Jose called Last Call. Fun times spinning with the homie CUTSO. shout out to AV.

Saw this van parked in front of Beauty Bar. So sick!

TJ's shop called Lou's cafe on 5017 Geary Boulevard, is the shit! If you don't believe me and you are one of those people that believe yelp is the word of the lord....he's top 10 on yelp right now!

The folks from up above looking out for me.

Happy Birthday TK.

Went to peep out DREWBYRD's joint FLY MONDAYS in downtown LA. I was just jockin this spot cause the filmed TRUE LIES here. That scene with the horse.

This last one was the day before the last game of the season, before the Giants clinched the NL west title and I knew they had the next game on lock.

aight I'll get back to this. More to come later.