Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This Friday, Feb 2nd, Check out "CHAMPION SOUND" @ Club Six Brought to you by Blufizz & Fran Boogie. It's Going to be a good night cuz they got Rhett and Short rocking a 2 hour Beat Junkie set. So if you want to see some real crowd rocking turntable mastery, check this out!!

Last week's "GOODTIME GANG"....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 24, 2007 IS "THE GOODTIME GANG" at Madrone Lounge 500 Divisadero @ Fell, SFC $5 ALL NIGHT.

The Wild n Krazy Crew presents a night full of San Francisco Talent bringing you together the rising stars in Art, MCing, and DJing. The Ri$ky Bizne$$ Crew is your sound providers for the night! Come out for a great time with the GOODTIME GANG!

In other news...Nothing notable happened too much in my scene, cuz number 1, I'm pretty broke, and number 2, I was pretty banged up from Tahoe. Yes, I finally made it out there. But to put it out there on the last couple of weeks, J Rocc ripped it at club 6 the other day, Props to Butter B and the Blue Fizz Fam for showing us love out there as well as Fran Boogie and Co. Till next time...And all you need to do is MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR JANUARY 24 @MADRONE LOUNGE FOR "THE GOODTIME GANG"... Peace out

(soundtrack: "Dynamite!" by the Roots)

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Good Lord, is it really 2007 already? Man time flies when your having a good time! Shoot All I know is that for this brand new year so far, I need to tell you guys that The Wild N Krazy Kids Crew is throwin "GOODTIME GANG" on Wednesday January 24th @ Madrones in the SFC more TBA but its gonna be a good night for good music acts and art. So mark them Calendars! I took a little vacation from the blog scene, so again just to feed your hungry eyes in reading my blog, Here's some shit that has happened in the pass couple o' days. So here's how it went down. "Wild n Krazy kids' n Homeroom Clothing's Home Sweet Homeroom" , "Niner Game" , and then "NYE at Mezzanine". A big chunk in time is missing from this post and its was the mutha F*ing House Party of the Year at California n Spruce with music spun by the Ri$ky Bizne$$ crew! Man I didn't have my camera that night, what a bummer! But if I do get my habds on any pictures, I'll post them up. Peace out for now.

(soundtrack: "U R the One" by Mos Def - dope beat by the way, check it out)