Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ri$ky Bizne$$ meets the 600inc. Tonight!
$ir Tipp and myself will be spinning at Taste tonight for LUX. Taste is located at 87 N San Pedro St San Jose, CA.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sir Tipp with the "Louis Vuitton-Don Mix"
Mr. Sir does it for you AGAIN with vol 2 of his producer series mix on Krazy Kids Radio. Hear some samples and tracks put together for an ode to one of Chi town's finest. Listen HERE

J Boo 's BLOG
J Boo has his blog up and running, peep it out. HERE

WnKK is throwin a shindig on FEB 23rd in SF. More details later.

Day IV NY 1/13/08

This Thai spot was good. Tasted real homemade.

MSG stop and Train station.

Mz. Fran sayin Jay Z please don't go.

We passed by the most famous Arena in the world to catch the Knicks vs. the Pistons.

I was anticipating for the Isaiah BOOs but they didn't even introduce him. Wack!

Sir Tipp and Lo was going to make it rain from our seats.

I felt the mystique and history while we were in MSG, but too bad the game was stupid as hell with the Knicks blowing out Detroit by almost 30 and by the 3rd quarter both teams sent in their scrubs. So for the whole last quarter, all the scrubs were playing. No Sheed for the whole 4th.

Actually one of the best parts of the game was that there was an official's timeout and they showed the last minute of the NY Giants vs the Dallas Cowboys Divisional Championship game. NY beats Dallas and the Arena went wild.

Back to the crib. It started raining like hell so we decided to make it a Hennessey night back at the spot.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sir Tipp on today's episode of KRAZY KIDS RADIO
Krazy Kids Radio is on LIVE today at 5pm pst with $ir Tipp on the Decks. His last time on the decks, we heard him lace us with his 80's mix which got a large response from the ladies. What will he pull out next? Find out today at 5pm on or click HERE. If you want to hear his last mix, click HERE.

Day III NY Pics 1/12/08

The famous Katz Deli.

Digger spot with great prices. A must see.

Homies from back home that live in NY now, Brett and Diana.

Suzette at Reed Space.

Mz. Fran snapin a photo.

ALIFE Rivington Club.

Sugarhead Quarters.

Coat of Arms.

The new Lab clothing store, TTL Annex.

Mz. Fran and Yoshi. You can see the picture she is taking on her blog. It is the same one of the door, quit biting.

Lo and Behold.

Our grub for the night was chompin down on some soul food. Dope restaurant called Vanel's. One of the best items that you can order beside the fried chicken is strawberry kool aid.

Fried Chicken with Mac n Cheese and Mash Potatoes. Drip some hot sauce on every bite.

Our gig for the night was to spin at the Ripple Bar in Brooklyn in the Brooklyn Museum.

Brooklyn Museum.

Scientific aka Elan Vytal is the man responsible for getting us a night to spin out there. Big Shout out to him, Rube, and Soleil! Listen to his mix when he did our radio show HERE.

The cool part of Ripple is that the DJ booth is high up and feels like a tree house inside. So you can look down at your crowd and also feel like you are in some sort of Hip Hop secret hangout spot.

Me and Lo.

The crazy entrance to the booth. Notice the top step of the ladder is broken. Watch Out now.

$ir Tipp and ANT.

The booth from the ground up.

Lo and Suzette.

DJ Ritchie Spice, Brooklyn NY.

This is the fun part of spinnin in NY. You get a second turn up. Not like Cali where we end at 2:00am. We ended at 4:45am out there. The interesting thing that folks would say is that they liked the fact that we spin as a crew because usually you DJ solo. So imagine that, spinning records from 10:oopm to 4:00am. That's an iron man set. Even Imagine before Serato...Holy Sh*t.

The legends of Ripple.

It's a strike to get up there.

The folks movin and groovin to Tipp's set.

Thanks again to Scientific.

The late night 1 train back.

Back to the crib.