Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jus Jones with the RIP JB Mix.
I feel a lot of people are not playing enough James Brown these days. Right on Jus for lacing this one for my ears. There's rare live versions of Mr. Hardworking in the mix that is worth the listen. Straight FIYA! Peep a Listen HERE

See you on the lanes tomorrow.
Team Ri$ky is gonna be locked and loaded for tomorrow's event, "KINGPIN BOWLING"

We've been practicing! You might be able to see us do this trick shot.

2007: The Cinematic Year of Anton
Better put Anton aka Ant-1 in that piece. Haha
(Taken from


Every year new names become popular. Cinemascopian points out that 2007 has had three films featuring lead characters with the unusual name of Anton:

  • Anton Ego, “Ratatouille”
  • Anton Corbijn, “Control”
  • Anton Chigurh, “No Country for Old Men”

Two Thumbs up for "Juno" from me. Directed by Ivan Reitman's Son, Jason Reitman. The son of a Man who directed another personal favorite of mine, "Ghostbusters". Good family business those guys have. Jason Reitman also directed "Thank You for not Smoking" as well, which is another movie I recommend you to watch. Another interesting tid bit is that the screen play was written by first time screen play writer, Diablo Cody, who's previous job before this was stripping. Hardworkers.

My Favorite Sports moment of 2007 is "Time out in Baron's House."

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The End of the Year Wrap Up
Here's a present for everyone... The Annual Year in review from SKILLZ. If you want to hear how 07 went down, here you go. 07 Wrap up

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


THE Early 90's Mix on Krazy Kids Radio
OK, I'll give you a little disclaimer, I was kind of off when we did this and I ended up Playing songs that was not in the 90's...My Bad. BUT all the Jams are still off the hook. I'll make it up when I get my turn in the rotation. Listen to it Here: Krazy Kids Radio 12/18/07

KKR 12/18/07 Playlist

1. OPP – Naughty by Nature

2. The Magnificent – Special Ed

3. Who Got Da Props - Black Moon

4. J Beez Comin Thru – Jungle Brothers

5. Buddy – De La Soul

6. Ring Ring Ring – De La Soul

7. Rebel Without A Pause - Public Enemy (released 1989. oops)

8. Straight out of Compton – NWA (released 1988. oops)

9. DWYCK – Gangstar

10. Scenario – Tribe Called Quest

11. Luck a Lucien – Tribe Called Quest

12. Off the Books – Beatnuts ft Big Pun

13. You Gots to Chill – EPMD

14. Madvillian (released 2004. OOPS. I was off Today I guess)

15. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss – PM Dawn

16. Paid in Full – Rakim

17. The $ - J Dilla (released 2003. Tisk Tisk)

18. They Want EFX - Das EFX

19. Life is Too Short – Too $hort

20. Genesis – Nas

21. One Love – Nas

22. Code of the Streets – Gang Starr

23. Picture Me Rollin - 2 Pac

24. Party n Bullshit – Biggie

25. Sometimes I Rhyme Slow – Nice and Smooth

Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Blog!
Eko has started his blog and it has some interesting ish with insights on Kicks, the life, and my favorite losers, the Niners. Peep it Here. KODERVILLE

The Homegirl, Courtney, who is behind our eye poppin designs, gets some RIOTT love with her LOVE FOR ALL THINGS array. Peep it here ITSDESIGNRELATED.

The Krazy Kids visit POPSCENE
Mz. Fran, J Boo, and G ROINE pop a visit to POPSCENE to catch Mike Relm do his thing. Always a great show when Mike Relm is on stage.

Wow! What a night! It really was a Holiday Massive with multi platform music all playing at the same time. You had choice Hip Hop kuts from Short and Swift downstairs, Myke 1, $ir Tipp, and I rocking Hip Hop upstairs, I also added a smooth R&B and old school soul set as well, Vin Sol did his thing in the dark room rocking body movin party hits, Jah Yzer sizzled the crowd with Hip Hop and Reggae anthems downstairs, and Jayvi Velasco had the crowd groovin with his house and up tempo sounds. On Top of that, we had the city's best rhyme slayers representing with J Billion, Jern Eye, and Dues Eclipse all rocking the MIC on stage. One of the best parts of the night was seeing a lot of out of town folks coming back home and partying with the Wild n Krazy Kids. Shout out to FATLACE, TRIPLE THREAT, 2DX, SUPER FRIENDS, PIRATE DJS, THE SHELTER, LUNAR HEIGHTS, ZION-I, HUFSET, and especially to the KIDs and the CREW.