Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here's a couple of Pictures from a couple of past events...
Enter the Dancehall 9/15/07 Club 6 SF

Ruby Red I on the ones and twos, getting the crowd jumpin even with crappy ass sound (the house had the volume on mad low!)

Ri$ky Shirts. WOW!

Eddie Ra$kel doin his thang.

CAN GOODs Pool Party 9/16/07

Mz. Fran, KrS, and $ir Tipp.

Ruby Red I and Eko.

MC Bun B of UGK.

Ra$kel & Marcell Turner.

Ra$kel and Billion!


Graham James. Right on for the shots!

DJs Namane & Chicken Scratch.

Just like an old school Dr. Dre Music video...

Remember, "Flashing Lights" is on in SF at Milk Tomorrow!
Swiftrock and Amp Live is gonna be rockin the joint all night long at the red carpet affair.
Free Give Aways and Free Drinks!

Ruby Red I with the "Rube Got Love for the Ladies" Mix.
The newest episode of Krazy Kids Radio is up and Runnin and this one is made for the ladies. Rube adds extra love to his mix. It's all just great Soul and R&B Joints and Jams. Beyonce to Keyshia to Sade to baby making music! Grab a listen here:
9/25/07 Krazy Kids Radio w/Ruby Red I's Soul and R&B mix.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flashing Lights is Coming soon! (September 28th @ MILK SF)

Krazy Kids Radio Show 9/18/07 "The NEPTUNES Mix"

$ir Tipp
gives our radio show a dose of everybody's favorite producing duo from the "V", the Neptunes. Get your Pharrell and Chad on! Plus Dues Eclipse guest stars and laces our MIC with a super stewy ass FREESTYLE! Don't Sleep, RECOMMENDED LISTENING!

Remember, search for our show, "Krazy Kids Radio", on the iTunes Store or: Click Here for the NEWEST EPISODE!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weekend Update! With pictures to show! YEA!

De La Soul show at Club 6 SF 9/7/07.

Philly Phil looking good from the highly rumored and talked about nose slash.

No, the resolution is not bad. The Good Times at Club 6 are Back!

Mz. Fran with the highly addictive "SF ICE TEA".

Eddie Ra$kel with the Secret Identity Ri$ky look.

Lo & BeHold rockin the drink of the night.

MASSAN, RA$KEL and ANT. Three Fourths of the RBC connection.

The Booth is Ri$ky for the time being.

$ir "Big Perm" Tipp aka "The Graduate" was handlin Mic Duties for the night.

DJ Rygar (600 INC) in the mix.

Sake 1.

J Boo.

Fel with the finger.

Butter B.

Fran Boogie.

Congrats to $ir Tipp. Time to make the $$$$$ now. 9/8/07

The cake got Ri$ky.

J Boo gets 2nd place at the U.S. Open.


The Music Machine at Milk SF 9/8/07

$ir Tipp and Goldenchyld.

DJs Cutso Qwik & Ant-1.

Ri$ky Monday$. 49er season opener edition.

4th Quarter, less than 2 minutes to go, the Niners are down by 4 and they have to drive 85 yards if they want to pull this one out. Mz. Fran can't belive it.

OH FA SHO, the Niners pull it off in the end. Touchdown with the wide receiver end around play to put us up by 3.

And Shawnte Spencer with the interception to finally end the game for good. Niners with the "W". Time to get drunk at the 2.