Thursday, November 29, 2007

New FTC Site!
I was checking out my fellow partner in crime, Eddie Ra$kel's Blog and came across FTC's New Website and it's looking Fresh to Death with some crazy ass Flash navigation and Design. Check it out. My favorite part is the Shortkut in Shanghai Interview/Video on the end.

Coupon Codes GALORE!
With X-Mas coming up, I decided that I am going to do a majority shopping online because Mz. Fran, $ir Tipp, and I tried to do the whole "Black Friday" thing at 4am and I f*in hated it. Long lines and assholes everywhere, plus the deals were not even that great, unless if I bought a 43' Plasma or something. But to help everyone out there that is going to do the online thing, I found a couple of coupon code websites that has a mad load of coupon codes to make your holiday shopping cheaper. I remember I used to like finding coupon codes on niketalk back in the day, but I wanted to find more broader codes for some random stuff, so here you go:

Naughty Codes
Deal Hunting
Key Code

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Man, I'm excited for me and Tipp's debut at Sake's and FB's Thursday Night spot. I remember the first time we went there, still freshly legal, and I would always say, "I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to rock this spot". Now here it is....I'm pumped! It's a Big thing for me. Shout out to Sake with the invite!

Tonight. @ Harolt in SF
The Homie, Rob V, sent me a little invite for a shin dig that is on and poppin in SF tonight. You should check it out too.

Friday is NEON NIGHTS!
Mr. E and the Kids are doin it 80's style for yall. This is going to be a really fun party, you don't believe me, then let me tell you is going down. Your music selectors for the night is Mr. E, $ir Tipp, and I, dumpin 80's soul, funk, rock, pop, and hip hop. We got two special guests, Mrs. Pac Man and Galaga, to hold you down with some joystick fun (bring your quarters). Plus free Quesadillas from the spot with the best salsa in the city, Papalotes. It is all going to be housed at the legendary 222 (legendary? Look it up on wikipeida, 222 was called "blackhawk" back in the day. Ri RI Ri$ky). And it's all just $5 if you RSVP on! See you there!

Monday, November 26, 2007

B-Ball Zombie Tour @ the Independent
The Crew went to check out the Stones Throw Show in the City.

Later that Night, Ruby Red I had to Rock "Da Joint" with Mr. E, Fran Boogie, and co.

Fran Boogie and Ruby Red I.

MACE's Birthday and more!
Mace with a new look.


Mace, after.

..on the wall fame of "Wahoos".

Later that night, we find out it is Clay's Birthday, so you know Gino and SketchMoney got a house party for yall, massive style.



Ri$ky Monday$ @ 222 with special guest: T Money
T $ blessed the turns for us last Monday!

T $

$ir Tipp

Lo & Behold, Eddie Ra$kel, and J Boo.

Krazy Kids Radio and Homie Thanksgiving
The very next day, I rocked the radio show with the "Jump Off" Mix. It is a mix about all the first tracks that made the artists popular/what made them hot/their first taste of success. I hope you like it and you can hear it by clicking here: Krazy Kids Radio 11/20/07.
Right after that, our favorite ladies at the door, Miso and Cathy threw a homie thanksgiving at Cathy's spot.

Tap the Bottle and YO!

Our very good friend, Pablo Scratch threw a special event and brought out Alkaholiks' DJ, E-Swift. Eddie Ra$kel and $ir Tipp was also on the 1s and 2s. Later that night, we headed out to Club 6 for YO! Dope event, we gotta see Del the Funky Homosapien do a few show, plus, DJ Spinderella of Salt n Peppa rocked the joint and I mean ROCKED. Never lost a step, if you ever get a chance to see her, SHE'S DOPE!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What the Krazy Kids are doing Tomorrow!

Stones Throw is coming to town with a great show!

Video of The Day!
(from Stones Throw)
Zombie War: The Video Animation by James Reitano

Da Joint @ Milk
Ruby Red I is in the house!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Madlib interview by Talib
Kweli gives a rare, I mean RARE TV interview with one of my personal favorites, producer/rapper extroadinare, MADLIB

Madlib & Kweli Interview

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tonight @ Ettiquette Lounge SF. (7th & Market)
The Crew is gonna make your body move and groove!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Krazy Kids Radio
$ir tipp gets his dusty grooves out and plays a Breaks Mix on today's show of Krazy Kids Radio. Listen to it here:
Krazy Kids Radio 11/6/07 Show
Krazy Kids Radio is on Today at 5pm
$ir Tipp should be on the air today. I wonder what he is going to bump? But ya know he always brings the heat on his show, so I'm looking forward to it and you should too.

I was peepin out asa's blog and found a couple of online BNE sightings there and also on Mad Hectic's Blog too. This dude's work is mad interesting.


(from Mad Hectic)

(from Mad Hectic)

Homeboy even made it to ABC News!

NY's BBC/Ice cream store
Look what Pharrell posted up today on myspace to all NY residents. Who wants to get down with BBC?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Sundays are Killin Me!
I'm not rollin with Nolan anymore. This season is officially over for me.

Hold on to the damn ball! Losing to the Falcons is a wake up call. From what I see, I don't blame the coaches anymore or just the O line. It's the whole damn personnel. Shed some dough and get us some talent. It's a sad time in Bay Area Sports.

Video of the Day
I'm looking forward for this though.

Warriors Open Practice
Before we started our 0-3 Season start, we checked out the Warriors open practice at the Arena.

Ri$ky Monday$ Halloween Edition
Mz. Fran whipped up some free "STAR WARS" masks to rock for the night.

ICER AIR went down this weekend. It was bigger than last year with more people attending and also the event was split into two with things going on in the stadium and the parking lot. What makes this event pretty worth it is grabbin the free lift ticket that comes with admission, but that was what made it very f*in WACK. We stayed in a line for about an hour to get in, and about 30 minutes more in another line to grab a stupid cheap piece of paper with "aight" ass mountain spots to go to. In the end, seeing some dope ass jumps and Blackstar saved it for me.

Milk thought of a very interesting music themed night. All I had to do was to spin South Jams all night. I ended up bumpin all the tracks that were hot when we all were in High School. That era was when the South was pumpin out hits every week; Like Cash Money with Back that Ass up, Bling Bling, #1 Stunna, Ya Understand etc. I really liked this night, cause there seemed to be alot of hidden gems in my crates that I haven't touched in a while as well as tracks that I don't regularly get to play on a Saturday Night. It's not your average day when you get to bump "NANN". Thank you Trick Daddy.