Friday, August 31, 2007

This Sunday at Golden Gate Park.

Free Food and Fun in the Sun! Come thru and celebrate the 3 day weekend! Horray!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BEEF mix by the Hardest working DJ in the Bizness, $ir Tipp, on the newest episode of Krazy Kids Radio. Cop the download on iTunes or check it here!
Krazy Kids Radio 8/28/07

Monday, August 27, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tonight in SF:

Catch your serving of $ir Tipp tonight with NYC legends, The X-Ecutioners @ Poleng Lounge 1751 Fulton St. SF.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ri$ky Love's Japan Continues!
My main man 50 grand, $ir Tipp, is hitting up Tokyo tomorrow. You can check out his adventures in his blog where I'm sure he'll keep you updated. $ir Tipp's Joint
To all my Japan heads, hook him up, show him a good time.

NEW!! Ri$ky Bizne$$ Mixtape hits the streets today!
$ir Tipp and I prepared a new mix tape in preparation for his trip to Japan. If you see Mz. Fran, Ra$kel or I, be sure to ask for a FREE copy. And to the folks that has a copy and are wondering what Ant-1's Mixtape is called, it's titled......"Ri$ky Time, Excellent"

RAPPERS TURNED HOLLYWOOD mix on the last Krazy Kids Radio Show!
Last Tuesday's was surely a fun luvin great time out at the station. I did a mix show with all rappers and artists that have done TV or Film, that super cross over and back style that is the show bizne$$. Check it here:
Krazy Kids Radio 8/14/07

The King of Kong
I was reading the SF Bay Guardian during a coffee trip to Royale Ground Coffee on Fillmore St. with J Boo and Mz. Fran in the city and came over a movie called "The King of Kong: a fistful of quarters". I won't get into telling you the premise to try and sell the movie to you, but the movie's tag line is "One of the greatest rivalries of all time". I'm pretty excited to check it out next week when it opens here in SF on August 24. Check it out and you be the judge:

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I couldn't be there for this week's show and what a day I miss, Ruby Red I with the breaks galore mix. DAMN... but wait, all I have to do is listen to this week's Krazy Kids Radio podcast! Hell Yeah!

In other news the Ra Ra Ra$kelnator is back form JAPAN. So if you see him on the streets, give a warm welcome...


Congratulate the new KING of SWING! 756 (and 757 yesterday) "I'm Barry Bonds Bitch!" I said it before and I'll say it again, he's the best! Appreciate it cause this only happens once an era. And I'm putting money on it that A Rod ain't touchin Bonds' final HR totals. Love him, hate him, he's the best! Gold Gloves + MVPs + Asshole = Bonds.

(from the NY Times)

Stern Grove Festival 8/5/07
$ir Tipp just gets freshly back from his trip from MIAMI with Mike Relm. I ask Tipp what was the most interesting part of the trip, and he says that parties out in Miami have hired hot chicks/dumb broads that are paid to mingle. WTF. He decides to come with Mz. Fran and I to the Stern Grove Festival to check out Goapele. Turns out that our slow asses missed her set. But we did get treated to this dope ass South African trumpet player named HUGH MASEKELA, This dude knows how to put on a show, plus Lootpack/Madlib sampled him before too. (Lootpack's "Crate Diggin" samples Maskela's "Part of a Whole"). Anyways this was only my 2nd trip to the festival and man what a difference...Check it:

Here's what's coming up in the SF Ri$ky n Krazy world:


Monday, August 6, 2007

Tonight @ 222 Hyde St. SF:

Mo's Birthday, Horray!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tomorrow in SF: "CHAMPION SOUND" @ Club Six (60th 6th St.) Friday August 3rd.
It's the Ode to the Red Party Cup! Oh Yeah. Dope line up as usual with Short and Co. on the bill.
"Keep it Ghetto with the Plastic Cups..."
J Dilla on Let's Take it Back

Here's What been going on:

"Ri$ky Monday$" @ 222 Club. SF. 7/31/07 "Fran's Real B Day"
So Fran was going to break our hearts on this day by saying that she was going to have a girls night out and go to Mezzanine for a Flosstradamus. Well you know what, they couldn't get in because of taking to long by parking lot pimpin it and they brought their asses to 222, where they should of been in the first place. Here's what happened:

Fine Line Barbershop Grand Opening @ 1796 San Jose Ave. SF. 7/28/07
It's Official! Dee Rock, Ritchie & Folks finally got the barbershop up and running. Get those cleans kuts at Fine Line, which is open Tues. thru Sat. 10am - 6pm @ 1796 San Jose Ave. in San Francisco.

Fine Line Grand Opening Party @ Mars Bar. SF. 7/28/07
Later that day, the infamous Fine Line Party w/ open bar was what was up that night. I would like to say folks were happy to show up.

"Guipe's and Moe's Party" @ The Broken Record. Mission st. & Geneva. SF. 7/29/07
Our Favorite Bartenders, Moe and Guipe of 222, had a little birthday bash at this coo venue in the Geneva side of the city. We provided the music and they had $5 unlimited PBR and an $8 Tri-Tip sandwhich, YUM!