Sunday, June 24, 2007

More of the happenings that happened:

Mike Relm Shows @ Supper Club and Pac Bell Park (Yeah I still call it that)

Mz. Fran and I with some killer seats. 3rd base side row 6. Right on Mike!

222 Guest Starring "DJ Sketch Money" + $ir Tipp's B Day

DJ Sketchmoney. Always ill on the decks.


Mr. E.

That's my bartender.

222 Tupac Night guest starring DJ Sonny Phono + Kimo's B Day.

Ever clear on a Monday night! WTF

DJ Sonny Phono.

Rush was in the building.

The Birthday Boy, Kimo. with Big Phil

Rising Asterisk Party @ Otis June 19.

Rimshot with Sir Tipp.

Tonight at 222, June 25. We got a special guest all the way from Indy. Dj Limelight yall, blesses us with the skillz to pay the billz tonight at 222.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tonight at 222:

In honor of Pac's Birthday, the Ri$ky Kidz are westside till we die tonight for Ri$ky Mondays at 222. Happy Belated to thug life! WESTCOAST!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

"One Wild n Krazy Night" @ 111 Mina June 1st:

Eddie Ra$kel was on the kut for the PYC act.

J Billion rockin it.

Cee Rock and Nick Fields.

Ra$kel and Emassin.

Xian and J Boo Art. Dope Sh*t.

"Sourmash talk game...hwah".

Jeremiah of 111 Mina

Phil of 111 Mina.

Ruby Red I spinning some joints with the $ in his eyes.

Danielson following the dress code which was shadez n chainz.

Lo & Behold doing the humpty look.

Ali was in the building.

RBC is coming at ya!

"Move" @ Duplex, June 2nd.

ATLAS san mateo.

Mz. Fran, $ir Tipp, and I trekked to San Mateo to check out this nice gem. Two thumbs up from me.

222. Tony Stylez B Day. featuring Rev. McFly (NYC).

DJ Rev. McFly, straight from NY, rippin on the decks at "Ri$ky Mondays" .

Nick of 222.

Cricket was in the building.

Bianca on the Mic, moving her crowd.

Dj Limelight. straight from Indiana. He'll be blessing the decks soon at a Ri$ky Monday.

Monday June 18th at 222. TUPAC appreciation day!