Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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222 - Ri$ky Monday$

$ir Tipp on the Flier. LMAO! last night was fun, especially with Mz. Fran giving away FREE STAR WARS masks. I was R2D2.

What has Happened in the past week.

B Boy Jam 10/20/07
Eddie Ra$kel and I spun at a B-boy Jam last week in Daly City. Shout out to Crykit with the invite.

Eddie Ra$kel at the Lincoln Center B-Boy Jam.


Crykit & Ra$kel.

DAMN. I forgot my camera for this one. Really dope event! I was chillin with DJ JEDI, PLATURN, and DNZ in the Hip Hop Room. Cool folks. Right on DEE CEE.

RI$KY MONDAY$ - 10/22/07
Some Random clips from 222 last week.

Ruby Red I.



TRICK OR BEATS - 10/26/07

$ir Tipp as the "The Mad Doctor"

Lo and Behold as "Gangsta Jason"

Ant-1 as "Dorkfest"

Eddie Ra$kel as "Humpty"

J Boo as "The Vietnam Vet, 60's guy"

Mz. Fran as "The Sexy Construction Worker" & Steph as "Foxy Cleopatra"

Apollo as "The Terroist"

Mace as the "Female Cruger"

Fran & Fran.

The man ripped it too. Mad props to this guy.

Random Huka Night.

Cool Huka spot in South SF. $15 all night.

Video of the Day.
In Honor of our season opener Tonight against the Jazz in the ARENA. I think alot of this is gonna happen tonight.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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The Kids have a special Guest Today on the Decks. We got the homie, Teeko of 41Funk on the Decks with special, new, and exclusive tracks to play for the people. TUNE in today!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Nite Job Wrap up!
I haven't been a good blogger lately because I have not updated you guys with any pictures from past gigs and events. But that is all about to change RIGHT NOW as I will show what the crew has been doin these past couple of weeks.

Southern Comfort @ Milk 10/6/07
Eddie Ra$kel represented the the RBC crew alongside Vin Sol and Skate legends, Tony Alva and John Cardiel on the 1s and 2s. It was definitely the Rock Star life with these folks.

The Franager and Eddie Ra$kel.

Vin Sol.

Mz. Fran with Stacy B.

J Boo.

Q-Tip afterparty @ Temple SF 10/10/07

I'm always a fan when Tribe comes to town. I've seen Q-Tip live on the decks before while rappin at the same time when Amplified came out and he rocked it. Now Fran, KRS, and I have seen him party rock as well, even though his set was short, he rapped the whole "Vivrant Thing" aka it was ALL WORTH it.


Billion (with the ill Jacket) and $ir Tipp have been schemin on a few tracks. I've listen to a couple of the rough drafts and I got to say, Frisko is gonna have a new sound to nod too. Stay Tuned.

Mz. Fran and DJ Apollo.

Ant-1, Jus-One, Cellus, and KRS.

"Q-Tip to the DJ Booth Please."

The Ladies with Mo and Kim Billion.

Video of The Week!
My Birds eye view of Q-Tip on the Mic at Temple.

SF BEAT DOWN (Shortkut's Birthday/20th DJ anniversary) @ Club 6 SF 10/14/07
SF Legend, Shortkut celebrates his birthday and career anniversary in one nite, even with a DJ mixer birthday cake. The real icing is when the city gets to see J-Rocc, Rhett, Melo, and Babs rock the spot on 4 turntables.


J Boo and Cee Rock.



The Beat Junkies with their special edition "Serato 45s", WTF. I want a pair!

Rakaa Iriscience.

Fran Boogie.

M-Claren, Sake, and Fran.


The Infamous "Mixer Birthday Cake".

Some Risky Downloads!
I'm starting to put some downloads here on my page, so keep coming thru for some mixtapes and beats. MORE TO COME LATER.

That's it for now, Peace.