Monday, July 30, 2007

Tonight: Happy Birthday Ruby Red I and Keith Sweets. @ 222 Hyde st. (Between Turk and Eddy St in SF.)

I want to say Rest in Peace to Bill Walsh who passed away today. In a lot of ways, he put San Francisco on the Map. He gave me a reason to cheer and be proud of our team and city. To me, he is the creator of the first real dynasty. Goodbye to "The Genius". THANK YOU BILL WALSH and thank you for all the memories.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Again, $ir Tipp's Blog is up and runnin. It is mighty sweet with his good ol dose of tidbits, knicknaks, & fyi s. Plus he got his mixes on rotation there. Check it out here: $ir Tipp

Saturday July 28th "FINE LINE" GRAND OPENING LAUNCH PARTY @ mars bar (corner of 7th and brannan)

The cats that have been servin us up with the clean cuts for years are finally official with the opening of their barber shop "Fine Line". The Wild n Ri$ky Kids with Graham James will be your sound providers at the launch party, which is at MARS BAR (7TH & BRANNAN in the SFC). More importantly, if you ever want to get a clean ass cut,....

"FINE LINE" barbershop, located on the corner of San Jose Ave & Santa Rosa Ave in San Francisco.

Also coming up: CHAMPION SOUND


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Drum and Drumer". Crazy Drum Video from Michel Gondry. I like how he uses the car sounds as a part of the track.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today @ 5pm pacific:
Remember, every Tuesday at 5pm (pst) we got our radioshow up and running. I'll be spinnin an all West Coast Gangsta Set today, so you don't want to miss that one. Again, I hope we get the podcast up so you guys can listen to past shows, cuz $ir Tipp and Ruby Red I sets are hott! Be on the Look Out!

On other Ri$ky News, $ir Tipp has his blog up and running, Check it out: $ir Tipp's joint. I really like his look and sound on it, especially because he has more his original shit blasting on his page. That's $ir Tipp for ya, Ri$ky's professor of sound.

Now to; What Life has been treatin us like......


That's how the night started, we get swooped up on the yellow bus. Obviously now we know that we are gonna have a good night. WTF.

Eugene, Ruby Red I, and the man of the night, J Billion. To all the folks in Seattle, be on the lookout for JB, cuz he should rollin out to your hood in the end of the Month.

Also on the bill that night was Niko Villamor on the Mic with Al from Homeroom.

Ron Deniro.

DJ Haylow on the kut. Great Job on the Mixtape.

Remember, if you see Fran, its her Birthday!


The Club 6 Darkroom was up and cracking for a Wild n Krazy Kids event. Dope line up with DJs $ir Tipp, Me, Ruby Red I, and Zita party rocking all night.

Birthday homie of the night, Ian.

Mega was in the building.

Zita was killing em all night. She rocks her sets pretty f*ing hard. So if you see that she's spinning on a flier or something, it's money well spent. Guaranteed!

Dan with the Mic duty of the night.

Lo and Charlie Rockwell. Yo peep out his page, he got a sweet beat ("Nothing Much") on display right now. HOT FIYA & SOULFUL Real talk!


I was really looking forward to this cuz I've never have seen remix master, Diplo, spin or Miss Pro Nails, Kid Sister, do her thang. And what do you now? it was a Dope ass treat. A-Trak killed it, Diplo killed it, and Kid Sister killed it with her Chi town sass n swag on stage. GOOD Magazine put on a good show!

Good Looking out to AlVal.

Also, good looking out to Sonny Phono with the invite.

Straight up a Block Party!

Kid Sister doing the Robot for me.

Ginno was in the place to be.


Fran with the Good Girls Crew.

Some crazy art work done with credit cards, wall paper, barbie dolls, you name it, they got it. It really takes the kindergarten macaroni art style to a new level j/p. Damn, I wish I got this Artist's Name. Really dope stuff.

I really like that new Kanye Mix tape that is out right now and one of my favorite tracks on it is "ProNails". I was pretty hyped when Kid Sister & A-Trak did it up. I wish I had a longer clip though.


Niko V is now another member of the "who rocked a Monday at the 2". Keep a listen out for "Fresh". That track is dope.

Highlight of the Night was the after hours Rhyme Fest with Niko & JB (B B B Billion). $ir Tipp ended the night by bumpin instrumentals while the MCs were doing the top of the head tricks. Bars for days with these dudes. Good Times!

"AQUA" @ BUTTERFLY 7/21/07
So here we go, the first lady of Ri$ky/Wnkk starts her B Day weekend off on this night. Let's see how she fares on three straight nights of wylin out. (AQUA on sat to Drinking at Kirs/Mace/Stace's House a.k.a the Maxi Pad on sun to Mezzanine to 222 on mon...yikes!)

Mace, Mz. Fran , & Stace.

The other guy that deserves to be wasted on this day, B Day guy, Graham James.

Ivy, Fran, & Steph.

Randall of Blufizz. I guess the bubbly is starting to take effect.

Short and Fran Boogie. Special thanks again!

Apollo killin the crowd.

Josh and Mz. Fran

The Fran & Fran Connection, always in full effect!

There you go, I'm Finally Up to Date. Remember today at 5pm (pst) Listen to "Krazy Kids Radio" on . Tune in to Youth Radio's live radio streams on iTunes, available under the Eclectic, Urban and Public categories. Hit us up on AIM: krazykidzradio . Holler. Peace.