Friday, May 30, 2008

Axel Foley is BACK. New Beverly Hills Cop

To continue to make money from ideas from the 80's, another movie has arisen, Beverly Hills Cop 4 seems to be in production. We've last seen Axel in Wally World aka Great America here in the bay, I wonder where he's gonna be at next. I hope he's fighting crime in Detriot cause he always rocked the Lions Varsity jacket, then again the movie is called Beverly Hills Cop, so I guess he'll be busting crime in the Hills with those stupid ass MTV bitches. I bet $10,000 bucks that they make a cameo.

Read full story HERE.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beat and Scratching Game for Nintendo DS

Looks like I need to cop this. You can mess with drum loops, add effects, and the best part is that you can scratch and kut it up. Shit is fucking ill.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

KRAZY KIDS RADIO is on LIVE at 5pm pst on

Ruby Red I is on the Decks today. Broadcasting live from Oakland CA. Let's see what he's gonna bump. PEEP IT: Listen to a past show HERE.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The "6 Degrees of Seperation Mix"

Its not the Will Smith movie, it's a connect the dots listen of Hip Hop music. I had fun mixing this one together, I hope you enjoy it. Hosted by them Krazy Kids of course. PEEP IT HERE.

Track Listing
1. In This Club - Usher (Instrumental)
2. In This Club Remix ft. Beyonce - Usher
3. Kitty Kat - Beyonce
4. Soldier ft. Lil Wayne - Destiny's Child
5. A Milli - Lil Wayne
6. Hello Brooklyn ft. Lil Wayne - Jay-Z
7. Public Service Announcement - Jay-Z
8. Dead Presidents - Jay Z
9. Black Republicans ft. Jay-Z - NaS
10. Memory Lane - NaS
11. Street Dreams Remix ft. R. Kelly - NaS
12. Your Body is Calling Me - R. Kelly
13. Flashing Lights Remix ft. R. Kelly - Kanye West
14. Improvise - Kanye West
15. Start The Show ft. Kanye West - Common
16. Resurrection - Common
17. So Far To Go - Common Prod. By Dilla
18. U Love - J Dilla
19. Heavy - Jaylib
20. Real Eyes - Quasimoto
21. Meat Grinder - MF DOOM Prod. by Madlib
22. Doomsday - MF DOOM
23. Rock Co. Kane Flow ft. MF DOOM - De La Soul (Instrumental)
24. Itsoweeze - De La Soul
25. Ooh! ft. Redman - De La Soul
26. Da Rockwilder - Method Man & Redman
27. Y.O.U. - Methodman & Redman
28. Things They Say ft. Lauryn Hill - Method Man
29. Doo Wopp - Lauryn Hill
30. All That I can Say ft. Lauryn Hill - Mary J Blige
31. You Remind Me - Mary J Blige
32. Real Love ft. Biggie - Mary J Blige
33. Everyday Struggle - Biggie
34. Big Booty Hoes ft. Too $hort - Biggie
35. Blow the Whistle - Too $hort
36. Life Of Da Party ft. Too $hort - Snoop Dogg
37. Next Episode ft. Snoop Dogg - Dr. Dre
38. Put it on Me - Dr. Dre
39. Still DRE - Dr. Dre (Instrumental)
40. Outta Control Remix - 50 Cent Prod. by Dr. Dre (Instrumental)
41. Take it to the Top ft. 50 Cent - Freeway
42. Getting Mine ft. Freeway & Fabolous - Rick Ross
43. Shawty is a 10 Remix ft. Fabolous - The Dream

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cool Birthdays this Week.


Batman 4.

Israel turns 60.

The EURO turns 10.

The iMAC turns 10.

KRS. (May 10)

SPAM turns 30. (First electronic spam sent out in May 1978.)

William Hargrove, world's oldest league bowler turns 106.

The BMW M1 turns 30.

Chris Brown.

Tony Gwynn.


Tootie from facts of life.
Don't forget Moms.

I saw this on MAMA's blog and thought it can be useful this weekend. PEEP IT.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


by Eddie Ra$kel with J Boo & Cee Rock

Peep it HERE.

The Homie, J BOO, is having an art show today at Devilsown. Free BOOZE, BEATS, and ART to look at. The store chills in the Marina side of things and it's clean and sells Japanese exclusives there. Come thru and check it out. Hosted by the home girl, Jourdan.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Pictures!

Another round of pictures that I haven't uploaded. Peep em.

Beat Junkies in the House!

Man I love the 2 on Mondays! I always give props to the folks that come out on a Monday, and lately, we've been housing a wide range of hip hop variety. Best example was this past Monday where Mr.E, M Clarin, A-Ron, Jus Jones, Iron Monkey, Renegades, Fitz, Short, and best of all, J Rocc came through. Of course you also see the Krazy Kids and the RBC clique all day. The Great DJs, B-Boys, and aficionados rock through this joint, I love it, Keep it coming!

The Most Requested Song Lately...

Monday - Can you play Lollipop?
Wednesday - Can you play that Lollipop song?
Friday - What's that song, "shawty wanna huuuhh" Yeah can you play that?
Saturday - Lollipop
Sunday - You got Lollipop in your Car?