Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween.

I couldn't think of anything to post about Halloween right now, but, I did see this on the HECTIC blog and it made me laugh.It's a bunch of pet costumes in very WTF costumes. Happy Halloween.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Mike Relm Tour Part I.

Start: SF to Portland.

Rocked a spot called Holoscene. Dope spot, met Shine out there of Shine Language. Cool cat. Peep out his Mix CD where he bumps mad breaks and shit.

If you ever make it up to Portland, you have to peep out this trailer in a parking lot called Potato Champion. They specialize in Belgian Fries and Poutine. Off the F*cking hook.

Poutine. Fries with chicken gravy and cheese. mm mm mmmm.

Portland to Seattle to Vancouver.

The RANE headquarters.

This is their RANE hall of fame, basically a history lesson of all their mixers since day 1 (Since 1981).

These are the MP models. We rocked on those back home at the 2.

The MP 2016. We rocked on these back home at CLUB 6 and 111 MINNA.

The TTM 56. I bought this one a couple of years ago.

The Empath. We've seen this back home at MILK.

The 57. I'm touring with this mixer. Good stuff.

Got hooked up with the white Serato Vinyl there. Thanks to Mike from RANE for the plug.

The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver BC. A very dope looking venue. It's wide, has a balcony, cool green rooms, and it's a Live nation venue, so they'll bring good acts.

Vancouver to Nelson.

Stayed at some old school looking haunted hotel called the Hume in Nelson Canada. I thought it was cool.

The folks that brought us out to Nelson were from Shambhala Music Festival. Peep out their site because they throw a major ass music festival in August at Nelson Canada with cool ass acts. Nelson Canada is a sick ass small town to stroll through too. Nice folks, generous with the green, and folks that just want to party. My kind of town. Can't wait to peep out that festival this year.

The local coffee shop with cool baristas peepin out $ir Tipp.

Nelson to Calgary. This drive probably had the best scenery throughout the tour drive. Beautiful mountain sides, purple trees, and amazing looking ski-towns.

The cool crowd in Calgary.

30 mins to the border. Had to flush down all the gifts. Sigh.

Came back to the states through Montana. This state is a trip, gas stations with casinos inside. My kind of place. Ri$ky with the Video poker machines.

Part II later....