Saturday, June 28, 2008


EDDIE RA$KEL & DANIELSON cordially invite you to a night that you won't forget. "Killing Time", a very special event [years] in the making. You can tell yourself, at least the music is on hit. That is because you have RUBY RED I aka the dancefloor murderer on the decks. You Also have MALLY JESUS aka the Rump Shaker, guaranteed to get your ass shaking. You will also see DANIELSON, the Party Rocka, who will serve you up with tunes that you want hear. Last, but not least, you have EDDIE RA$KEL & ANT-1, who are strictly BIZNE$$. Remember, tonight is a insta don't miss @ Poleng Lounge, 1751 Fulton Ave & Masonic.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My First George Carlin Moment.

I didn't want to forget about giving a shout out to George Carlin because I knew how great and influential he was. But remember, I am an 80's baby, and this was the first time I've seen George Carlin on any media. After this movie, I had to learn who "Rufus" was....RIP George Carlin.

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Things Going Down in the City this Week.

Friday June 27
SWEATBOX SF has invited me to rock their Kanye Night this Friday at Milk in the Haight.

Saturday June 28th.
Happy Birthday to MIGHTY 4. Big ups to Paulskee.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

As We Keep it Movin...

"Dues Eclipse and Ruby Red I @ Red Devil Lounge SF" circa late March 08.

The homies Dues and Rube rocked a show here and as usual, killed it. Be on the look out for their mixtape coming out. I heard it and it fuckin fiyah, it's entertaining, lyrically sick, and rhythmically satisfying. No Joke.

Another "EVERY F*CKIN MONDAY" @ the 2. With special Guest Frank(e) of LA. 3/31/08

Guipe and his homies back from Italy.


Cathy literally just came back from Japan and decided to buy me cookies as a present. Best part, the guy has a boner, he's in a leisure suit, and is holding a bottle of Don P. My kind of guy.

$ir Tipp, Eddie Ra$kel, and Lo and Behold.


"This was April" First Part of April 08.



Back at the 2 on a Monday Night.

MACE, KRS, and Mz.

A Special SF return visit from the homie LYNN.

"SF GIANTS Opening Night" April 8, 2008.
All I remember is that we played the Padres and Bengie Molina cracked an extra inning walkoff home run to win the game. Difference between last season and this season, this 50 years of SF baseball wall and no Barry.

Will Clark, one of my favorite Giant Players of all time.

Fran and I made it to the Jumbo screen.

Too bad there's no proof, picture snapped when they panned out. WEAK.

89 throwback.

Ended the night with a visit to the NOD FACTOR which is Every Tuesday Night in the city at the Cellar on Sutter & Taylor. Here's Mr. Muddbird.

"A Gig at the Attic" April 10,2008.
Eddie Ra$kel and Ruby Red I rocked the ATTIC which is at 24th st. and Mission. Fun times, great vibe and folks.


"An Ocean Beach visit" April 11,2008.
Checked out the Beach on this day. All I remembered was that the weather hit like 80 degrees and at the time, the weather in the city was f*in cold for like months before this. So we paid homage to the nice weather by catchin some sun at Ocean Beach.

"Yes, Yes, Yall @ Voodoo Lounge San Jose" April 11,2008.
That same day, The Homies of 600 INC gave us an invite to rock their Friday night in San Jose. $ir Tipp and I represented that night.

"Eddie Ra$kel rockin 111 Mina" April 12,2008.
On the next night, as the Bizne$$ keeps rollin, Eddie Ra$kel rocked the Decks at 111 Mina alongside Marcell.

With Ruby Red I on the mic.

"Cherry Blossom Festival" April 13,2008.
Nothing like festivals. Beer, blunts, and festive feelings. This particular day was the Cherry Blossom festival with Japanese grub, music, and drank of course.


Hiro and Cathy.

Parking lot Pimpin.

That's that for now. I'll show the rest later. Peace.