Friday, February 29, 2008

Keith "Sweetz" has his Tribute BLOG up running

Peep it HERE.

TONIGHT in SF @ 111 Mina

Kim Billion is throwin a shindig tonight and RI$KY is representing with Ruby Red I and myself on the decks.

Then on Saturday in the City...

Wake Up wake up wake up, it's the first of the month! Get Paid and grab some grub and soulful joints as we jam at FARMER BROWN (25 Mason st. Between Market and Turk st SF)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The King and Jigga...ITS THE ROC BABY!

The Cavs seems to be trippin that Lebron James and Jay Z have a great relationship. That is because Jigga has a nice chunk of ownership with the New Jersey Nets and could lure Lebron to the Nets with Lebron's contract ending in 2010 and also a supposed new stadium being built ofr the Nets in Brooklyn around 2012 or 2015. Uh Oh, Ohio better start producing some tycoon rappers to keep King James in Cleveland. (Didn't Bow Wow and Bone Thugs come out from there?)

A key quote from this article - Lebron: "I want to be sports' first Billionaire Athlete"

Well you have a good friend to learn from.

original article HERE

Friday, February 22, 2008

Suzette's Blog
Peep out the homegirl's work behind the camera. Peep it HERE.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Make Sure you Head out to REBEL's ROCK tonight.
We have $ir Tipp special guesting tonight with Ruby Red I and myself tonight for REBEL's Rock. It goes down at WISH 1539 Folsom st. San Francisco. PLUS it's J Boo's Birthday tonight. So come through and grab a drink.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This Saturday, Feb. 23 in San Francisco.
The Homie Sake 1 is gonna be blessing the decks alongside me, Tipp, and Rube. We're doing it for the freaks with a pleasure party demo, free massages, and sexy music. Best Part, it's only $5 bucks for some Saturday night fun.

And in honor of Sex, Love and Money. Look what Lohan is up to this week. (Lindsay Nude Shots)
Man, I always envisioned her sniffing yay like Tony Montana scarface style. With that in mind, I thought that Lindsay Lohan doing nude pics was going to be smut central with U.S.D.A's "White Gurl" playing in the background. But, I'll admit, the pictures are pretty tasteful. Enjoy. Ri$ky!

Ruby Red I on the Latest Episode of Krazy Kids Radio.
Rube puts down the "Rappers n Sangers" Mix. It is a musical array of choice kutz of rhymes and vocals. Peep a Listen:

Krazy Kids Radio 2.19.08

On a last note. Goodbye Derek Smith.
He got waived today by the Niners. Even though he was a dope linebacker, we'll be good with NFL's Defensive rookie of the Year, Patrick Willis, and also the return of Manny Lawson in the linebacker positions.

Monday, February 18, 2008

TONIGHT at 222 SF. 70's vs. 80's Night


Thursday, February 14, 2008

On the latest Episode of Krazy Kids Radio...LOVE!
Yeah, that's right, I lace up a Valentine's special for yall on this episode of Krazy Kids Radio called the "Sexy Time" Mix. Peep a listen by clicking HERE.

  1. Say Goodbye to Love - Kenna
  2. Stay with Me – Debarge
  3. One More Chance – Biggie
  4. Fucking You Tonight – Biggie
  5. Kissing You Remix – Total
  6. Oh Honey – Delegation
  7. Steelo – 702
  8. Keep it Real – Jon B
  9. Help – Lloyd Banks feat. Keri Washington
  10. I Want You Back – Raphael Saadiq ft. Teedra Mooses
  11. Glow – Kelis
  12. Starlite – Stephanie Mills
  13. Rock the Boat – Aaliyah
  14. Back and Forth – Aaliyah
  15. Tell Me – Groove Theory
  16. Be There - Havoc
  17. Smooth Operator – Sade
  18. Old Smokey – Lind Lewis
  19. Go - Common
  20. How Long Do I Have to Wait for You? – Sharon Jones
  21. My Smile is Just a Frown turned Upside Down – Carolyn Crawford
  22. Just to See Her – Smokey Robinson
  23. Say Something – Mariah Carey
  24. Save Room – John Legend
  25. Saturday Love – Cherrelle
  26. Sexual Seduction – Snoop
  27. I Wanna Be Your Lover – Prince
  28. Killing Me Softly – Carol King
  29. I’ll Do Anything/I’m Sorry - Ginuwine
  30. Love – Keyshia Cole
  31. Reasons – Earth Wind and Fire
  32. All I Do is Think of You – Jackson 5
  33. Didn’t You Know – Erykah Badu
  34. Slow and Easy – Roger and Zapp
  35. Just Me and You – Tony Toni Tone!
  36. Splash Waterfalls remix – Ludacris
  37. Lover’s Rock – Sade
  38. I Just Don’t Wanna be Lonely – Main Ingredient
  39. Prototype – Andre 3000
  40. Baby, Come Home – Willie Hutch
  41. Flex – Mad Cobra
  42. I Wanna Fuck You – Eazy E
  43. Everyday - Lucy Pearl
  44. Between the Sheets – Isley Brothers
  45. Luvin Me – Nelly
  46. Playing Your Game Baby – Barry White
  47. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up – Barry White
  48. Computer Love – Roger and Zapp
  49. I Like It – De Barge
  50. Be Here – Raphael Saadiq ft. D’Angelo
  51. Feel Like Making Love – D’Angelo
  52. Me and Mr. Jones – Amy Winehouse
  53. Me and Mrs. Jones – Billy Paul
INDY IV is looking pretty Dope!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Enter the Dancehall is this Saturday @ Club 6 SF.

Did anybody watch "SWOOSH!" last night?
If not, it was a news doc that showed the ins and outs of the NIKE company. I'll give you a little recap.

They talked about Jordan's Hustle.

Talked about how Bill Bowerman made the waffle design from a waffle maker and how his athlete Phil Knight came up from the company.

They mentioned their approach in their advertising of past and present.

Then they talked about their sweatshop problems.

Then the "Sneakerhead" part. (photo from retrosnub on ebay)

And then Finally, P-Rod.

Overall, I thought it was a good show to watch and it was mad entertaining to see how sh*t blows up like that.

Talking about skating, Look at what was on the News today!
This oinker got suspended for messin with this 14 year old skater.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fashion Trade show Parties this week in Las Vegas.
Rob V sent this to me, so party it up at the city city of sin.

Wednesday February 13, REEBOK & VAPORS Magazine featuring STRETCH ARMSTRONG, JUS SKE and KLEVER at The Playboy Club in The Palms. RSVP at .

Thursday February 14, TRIPLE 5 SOUL & BPM Magazine featuring DIPLO, LOW B, PASE ROCK & THEM JEANS at PRIVE in Planet Hollywood. RSVP at .

The World's Best Selling Album of all time has a re release today!
As Dave Chapelle said it "He made Thriller man...He made Thriller". Sure he became Wacko Jacko in the end, but, never deny the hit making machine that he was. Quincy Jones to Van Halen to Paul McCartney to the band called Toto all had a hand in making this into a masterpiece. And remember what Thriller gave to us... The Moonwalk, zombies, and dancing lessons. Now let's hope that all the remixes isn't all wack. And hey if you buy it, you get a DVD too.

New Star Wars Movie!
Seems that in August 15, there will be a CGI Star Wars 3D movie coming out. Peep a preview at Even more interesting is that there will be a new animated series that will premier after this movie comes out.

Ri$ky does San Jose. 1/31/08
The Ri$ky Boys pays a visit to TASTE in San Jose for a 600 inc affair.


LO, Cee Rock, Mz, Fran and Corts n Sorts.

Ben and ANT-1.

$ir Tipp.

The Crowd.

Cee Rock on the Mic.

Eddie Ra$kel and Cee.

the RBC Crew.

Ron, Gel, and Lo.

Corts, Mz, and Joma.

Some Hoes getting sloppy on top of the speakers. Probably since I played "I Need a Freak".

Rygar, ANT-1 and $ir Tipp in the place to be.

Rube had Mic duties too.

Mz. Fran on the WTF when we saw the bouncer getting socked up by some dude.