Monday, April 23, 2007

Tonight! We have another edition of "Ri$ky Monday$" at the wonderful 222 Club. But before we get into that... Let me give a big standing O for GSW hoops! Damn, yesterday they gave me a big WTF kinda of feeling. Dallas and the Nation are f*ing Stunned! But anyways, back to Bizne$$, 222 is what's cracking tonight and Happy Birthday to Dues Eclipse, who is gonna be in the house tonight!

Ra Ra Ra Ra$kel, Eddie Ra$kel that is! gonna be rockin the 1s and 2s at Milk this Friday. The Blufizz crew is back to give you another dose of "a Fucking Crackin Friday" and as always, they deliver. It's Ri$ky, with some Fizz, INC, and ZOO. It is "THE GET DOWN" at Milk this friday in the SFC.

Look what J Rich did....Go Warriors!!!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

2 day RECAP!

Hello People! It seems to me that the all mighty hippie date is aproaching and what a day it falls on....A FRIDAY! woo hoo! Let's not get too carried away while I show you what has been happeneing with the Bizne$$...

GOOD TIMES @ Milk 4/14
Man what a Dope party! I swear that DJ lineup was hard as F*CK! If you missed it, better grab ZITA's Mixtape and GOLDENCHYLD's Mixtape cuz they are both on Knock!!

HUF Skateshop Grand Opening 4/15
HUF doing the city right with free TACOs and brew today! Let's not forget he put out a Bad ass Boardshop as well. SICK!

And as usual, I have to keep reminding you guys cuz some of you got A.D.D. or something but, tomorrow as well as every Monday is "Ri$ky Mondays" held at the legendary 222 Club.

That's it for now. Blaze one for the Nation! Peace!

Monday, April 9, 2007

This Saturday, April 14, it's "GOOD TIMES" at Milk. I'm looking forward to coppin DJ Zita's mixtape that night! Can't wait to see what she laced up on her tape. They also got a crazy line up with Goldenchyld and E spinnin that night too. So come thru this Saturday for a free Mixtape and a night of Good music. Peace
P.S. Mondays at 222 are still going down, Word up to Bianca, the fam, and everyone at 222.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Tonight! CHAMPION SOUND @ Club 6
In the Ri$ky World of things, you got $ir Tipp Rocking the Decks tonight and you got yours truely spinning alongside with the PYC kids. Be there, its Spring Break, should be a good one. Remember the SF Gigantes are playing the Dodgers at the Park tonight as well...BEAT LA!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Man O Man, we've had a busy couple o days and I haven't had anytime to tell anyone what has been going on...... So here you go, a little end of March wrap up! Let's start:

March 14, "Clipse Show at the Mezzanine"

March 23 "City United at Milk"

March 24, Wild n Krazy Kidz / Mighty 4's "The Good Life at Poleng"

And Lastly: March 31, the Good Girls' "March Mustache Madness at Ace's"

Wheww! God Damn this post was long! What was I thinking? If you've made it this far, good shit cuz there is one last thing to remind you people of what is comming up this week:
Monday April 2, we got another Ri$ky Monday night at 222

...And Friday April 6, DJ $ir Tipp is gonna be servin you up some beats at "Champion Sound" ... I'll be in the House with Emassin and Cee Rock for a PYC set that night as well, so come thru. And Oh, by the way, there is gonna be Free RBC MIXTAPE GIVEAWAY that night and let me be the first to tell you that the shit is straight knock for all you mixtape feens, so be early!

Peace out for now, go watch "Blades of Glory" and you'll be F*ing laughing out of your seats, GO GIANTS! Baseball is back this week, and the Warriors are making the playoffs (hopefully that is not an April Fool's Joke).