Monday, December 29, 2008

iPhone adventures

I haven't rocked a camera in a while since my last one went caputs! But the next best thing is that I have a camera on my phone. Let's see what happened.

Lady Gaga Ripped it! Great show.

Get your Bingo on!

You also get fed. Look what $20 can get you, Bingo and a meal.

Graham, rocking FTC.

Award time at PISCO.

They even made us a Drink!

If you want some bomb ass crab, peep out Thanh Long off Judah in the Sunset. Off the chains.

If you got to drop a deuce in the bathroom, this is WAY better than a courtesy flush.

Can I make it into the express isle? I have about 20 items. Sh*t.

No F*in way, the line at Safeway is TOO cracking. Don't shop for your grocery needs on X-Mas Eve.

We've been on the Street Fighter hype at Cee's and J Boo's house. Did we really play CUTCHEMIST online? No Way!

Bowling! At least we represented on our side bets. We won an eighth and 2 pitchers wo ho!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Boogie Jam of the Day: ET BOOGIE

I've been bumping MAX KANE's episode of Krazy Kids Radio in the car and man, it's a jem. If you haven't heard it yet, CLICK HERE.

One jam he played that I thought I should play more was "Et Boogie" by the Extra T's. It's a Jam that inspired Busta to make a song out of it.

Fuck, I need my Monday Nights Back to get my funk on!

Take a listen


Here's the Jam if you want it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

THUG LUV MIX on Krazy Kids Radio!

Cuz Thugs need love too.

Listen to it now, streaming on:


1. MHBs (instrumental) - Quasimoto
2. Back like that ft. Ne-Yo - Ghostface
3. Superwoman Part II ft. Fabolous - Lil Mo
4. Gotta get you home tonight - Foxy Brown
5. Feel's so good ft. Usher - Cam'ron
6. Baby if you're ready - Doggy's Angels
7. Killah lipstick - Ghostface
8. Somebody's girl - Jay Z & R. Kelly
9. Thug love ft. Destiny's Child - 50 Cent
10. We can freak it - Kurrupt
11. One more drink - Ludacris
12. Hey luv ft. 112 - Mobb Deep
13. Crush on you ft. Mario Winans - Mr.Cheeks
14. I wanna fuck you ft. Snoop - Akon
15. Never leave me alone - Nate Dogg
16. All I ever wanted ft. Mya - Mase
17. Let's get blown ft. Pharell - Snoop
18. Wake it up ft. Akon - E 40
19. Here I am ft.Nelly - Rick Ross
20. Breakdown ft. Mariah Carrey - Bone Thugs
21. I'm a flirt ft. T.I. and T Pain - R Kelly
22. Splash Waterfalls - Ludacris
23. Hit U from the back - Rick Ross
24. Let me hold you down - Lil Bow Wow
25. International players anthem ft. Andre 3000 - UGK
26. Day N Nite (instrumental) - Kid Cudi
27. Rodeo - Juvenille
28. I can tell you want to fuck - 504 Boys
29. Rumor has it ft. Pharell - Young Jeezy
30. Run tha streets - 2 Pac
31. So Good - ft. Davina - Raekwon
32. I wanna get to know you ft. Joe - G Unit
33. Mrs. Officer ft. Bobby Valentino - Lil Wayne
34. You're my lady Primo Remix ft. AZ - D'Angelo
35. Song Cry - Jay Z
36. Call Me ft. Lil Kim - Too $hort
37. Baby if you give it to me ft. Mariah Carey - Busta
38. Okay ft.Lil John - Nivea
39. U - Black Milk
40. Mind Sex - Dead Prez
41. Hey Lover - LL Cool J
42. Rockin' That Thang (instrumental) - The Dream
43. Karma - Lloyd Banks
44. Wide Open - Mac Mall
45. How's it going Down - DMX
46. I'm moving on ft. Mya - Silk the Shocker
47. All Over Me - The Jacka
48. No Better Love ft. Rell - Young Gunz
49. 21 Questions - 50 Cent
50. Follow my lead ft. Robin Thicke - 50 Cent
51. Tell me what you want ft. Total - Mase
52. Hey Nas - Nas
53. Are u still down remix ft. John B - 2 Pac
54. Ryde or die chick - The Lox

Jazz Jam of the Day: Feels So Good.

Everybody loves Chuck! Mangione that is.

"Feels So Good"

If you want it, get it right HERE.

Wild'N'Krazy Holiday Party Dec. 20

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wayne has 8 Grammy nods! No way.

I'm chillin at the airport smoking lounge, picked up the phone and just read that the hottest rapper under the sun got 8 Grammy nods. Damn I don't ever remember a rapper leading the nominations before. Sick.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm in ASIA.

I'll holla at you with the Story when I get back home peace.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Song of the Moment: Gladiator

Another babababanger from Common and P Williams. A nice quick bouncy beat. The intro seems Beatles like, then it just hits into a synth/drum heavy section. Good Stuff.


Here's the DOWNLOAD.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I forgot to mention. RIP to MC Breed. I just want to let you know MC Breed that I played your joint at hella spots ever since I grabbed your single like about 10 years ago, even though your jam came out in 91. Thanks.

This dude was cool cause he was down for Too $hort and Pac.

Here is the Party Jam for download if you want it: Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin.

Holiday Ideas.

More Zany WTF Ideas off the Kids' Blog.

Song of the Moment.

"I Can Sell it" by 40 Water Fonzerelli from: The Ball Street Journal (2008)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Saturday Party!

Gotta Gig in the San Mateo. Say What?!? Mosey on thru.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Blog.

SF Party animal and Bike enthusiast, Tyler has a nice blog of all the sh*t n giggles that goes down in the city. Peep it.


Talking about that Dre Dogg Beat, here it is.

NaS in the UK talking about Obama and new album.

I saw this off REAL TALK NY. Good talk and insight. I thought it was funny that Esco was probably blunted as hell when he did this. At least I thought.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Part III

Bloomington Indiana.

$ir Tipp and I asked these fools if we can take some Henn shots. They were not feelin it, so what did they serve us up with? Yager Bombs. WTF?

Asheville North Carolina.

Zoey Jakes of Beats Antique.

It was Halloween in Asheville. Here is Sarah Palin.

A Fairy and My favorite "Bud."


Trevor Bone of the Bassnectar Crew.

Andy of the Bassnectar Crew.

A visit to the MOOG factory. Here is the Little Phatty. Ill ass keyboard.

This is the MP-201 Multi-Pedal 110V. A great tool for performing DJs. It's a tricked out ass controller where you can do some crazy ass sh*t on.

Herbie Hancock's gold record he gave to Robert Moog.

Moog's grammy. Damn, that must of been the closest grammy award I've ever seen.

Now this Guitar WOWed me the most. It's the Moog Guitar and honestly, I can see this sound revolutionizing music. Go youtube somebody rocking it, it's f*ckin amazing.

Charlotte North Carolina.

Bostin Massachusetts.

Drinking up with everybody else.


DJ Delio. Barber that cut me up.

New York City.

Me, Andy, and Elliot of the Bassnectar Crew.


Me and Tommy of Beats Antique.

The End.